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Blessed Wallpaper

blessed website picture

Laptop/Computer Monitor

How to use: Determine your screen resolution in your system preferences.  Click on the link below with the appropriate size.

  • On a PC, right click the image and choose "Set as Desktop Wallpaper." 
  • On a Mac, download the image.  From the preview window, click share share and then click "Add to Photos."  Go into your System Preferences and select Desktop and Screensavers. Click the photos folder and select the #blessed wallpaper image. 

Mobile Devices

How to use:

  • On an iPhone or iPad, tap the link below that best describes your device. Tap share share at the top of the screen and tap "Save Image."  In your device's settings, select Wallpaper. Tap "Choose a New Wallpaper" and find the downloaded #blessed wallpaper in your "All Photos" folder.  Tap it, select "Still" at the bottom of the screen, and size it appropriately by making it as small as is allowed. Tap "Set" and choose your home screen, lock screen, or both.
  • On an Android, save the image into your gallery. Tap and hold on the Home screen. Tap the Wallpapers icon in the bottom left corner. Choose Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and Lock screen in the upper right corner. Choose the #blessed wallpaper from your gallery at the bottom of your screen. Tap set as wallpaper on the bottom of your screen.