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Did You Know ..? 05.31.15

May 31, 2015 Did you know Thursday, June 25th is Hopevale’s annual Carnival? Did you know there will be cotton candy there? (yep, Boo Blue and Cherry Berry!) Did you know there will be games for all ages? Did you know there will be huge inflatables to jump in, around and over? Did you know that there will be Nachos? Sno-cones? Pizza (and the very popular breadst...

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Outreach Update 05.28.15

Thank you card from Mike Sulc, Director of Life to Life Africa. ...

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Outreach Update 05.06.15

Outreach Update...

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Did You Know..? 05.24.15

May 24, 2015 Did you know our Worship Team led an amazing night of worship at Bay City’s State Theatre Friday, May 15th? Did you know there were over 300 people who attended the event? Did you know that there were 13 of our worship team that helped lead (so great!) and our tech team did a fantastic job making it all work? Did you know that we had concessions? (Po...

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Did You Know…? 05.17.15

May 17, 2015 Did you know Bible Camp is one of the best weeks of the year here at Hopevale? Did you know this year’s Bible Camp will be held Sunday, June 21 – Wednesday, June 24th? (each night 6:30 – 8:30 pm) Did you know last year we had 638 (!?!?!?) kid campers learning about Jesus and having a blast? Did you know last year we had over 500 (five hund...

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Did You Know…? 05.10.15

May 10, 2015 – We Still Do Vol. 3 Did you know that Sam is married to his college sweetheart Sarah? Did you know they have been married 12 years this June? Did you know that they lived over 2,500 miles apart until they met in college? Did you know that December while they were in college Sam took Sarah on a surprise date to NYC to see the Rockefeller Christmas tr...

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Did You Know..? 05.03.15

Did you know that Pastor Ken is married to Rena? Did you know they met in Tennessee (in college) but both are Midwesterners? Ken was born and raised in Michigan, and Rena in Ohio. Did know that Ken asked Rena for their first date on a dare from a roommate? (And Rena wasn't overly impressed at first!) Did you know they married in Georgia then honeymooned in Gatlinburg, N...

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Seeing orange?

As you look around Hopevale's North Campus on Sundays in May, you may notice something: people with orange sticky nametags.  They are people -- just like you -- who are stepping out to try something new.  They are trying Welcome Ministries on for size.  Yep, they are shadowing one of our current volunteers to see what it feels like.  No strings attached...

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Welcome to Our New & Improved Website


If you are a regular to the Hopevale website, you've no doubt noticed our new layout. Over the next several weeks, we'll be adding and adjusting content to provide a better experience for communication and ministry. One new feature is the Hopevale Blog that you are reading now. Check out this space often for updates from our ministry leaders. We're excited about the change...

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My Community... it's for you!

My Community... it is here for all of us!...

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