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What To Expect


So, what’s it going to be like? What will it feel like if we walk in those Hopevale front doors? Great question. We realize that trying something new can be anxiety producing but coming to Hopevale is about as easy as it gets. What will you see? People just like you. People from our community who are looking to take steps closer to God. They’ll be differing ages, differing stages of life, different ethnicities, differing religious backgrounds, differing styles of dress; that’s one of the things that makes Hopevale such a great place, the diversity of the people. Walk into the auditorium, sit through a service and any nervousness you felt in coming will melt away. The music is engaging and inspiring and the teaching is easy to follow and taken straight from the Bible.

At Hopevale we believe in three key essentials: The Bible is the Word of God, Jesus is the Son of God and Salvation is by grace through faith. If you have questions after the service or want to talk with someone, the Welcome Center is right in the center of the lobby and the volunteers there would love to meet you. (They even have a couple of free donut coupons waiting for you to redeem in our coffee area!).

Stick around in the lobby and have a cup of coffee (on us!). We realize that ‘church’ is not just a church service, it’s people. And the people who make up Hopevale invite you to jump in and join us!

Can’t wait to meet you!